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MBK Style Spotlight: Lush Greens & Elegant Golds

Here at MBK HQ we are loving touches of pure elegance and whimsical romance showcased through pops of lush greens and sparkling golds.

Introducing beautiful lush greenery into your ceremony and reception is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your occasion without going over-the-top boho (if that's not your style!), while also contributing a more modern feel than traditional all-floral bouquets.

Be confident including beautiful crisp greenery with decor such as long leafy table runner pieces, creative hanging garlands or small pots of succulents or ferns alongside your table decorations or lining your red (or white!) carpet.

To beautifully complement your greenery while introducing a touch of elegance and modern glamour, add hints of sparkling gold throughout your decorations. Gold sashes, glittering candelabra centrepieces, or even a sprinkling of gold crystals along your table runner or hidden amongst flowerpieces is a simple way of adding the glitz and glamour of gold without overwhelming your guests with bling!

Achieving a balance between simple yet striking can be tricky, so why not speak to your wedding stylist at MBK Events about the best way to introduce pops of greenery and gold to achieve the elegant and romantic wedding atmosphere you desire.

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