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Wood & Willow

Hi! We're Rachel and Brooklyn, the mother-daughter creative duo that make up Wood & Willow. 

The opportunity to work together as mother and daughter (Gilmore Girls much?) within a field that we are both passionate about is something we do not take lightly. We are constantly overjoyed to have the ability to meet new people, travel to new places and capture something more precious than anything in the world: love. Sounds cheesy? That's cool, we don't care, because it's true. We love candid and genuine moments (these are the tear-inducers).


How did it begin? Rachel grew up always photographing, but received her first video camera the Christmas of 1996, 3 months after Brooklyn was born. The love affair with filming and capturing memories began, as Rachel filled tape after tape with memories of her growing family. Fast-forward a few years, to when Brooklyn was now old enough to watch the tapes back, the love of filming and memory-watching beginning to blossom. Soon enough, Brooklyn was directing childhood films in the backyard using the camcorder (the films are priceless, if you're brave enough, ask to see them for the "best" cinematic experience of your life). A life in love with filming and photographing eventually led to Brooklyn's first wedding film in 2013. In 2015, Brooklyn and Rachel launched Wood & Willow and the adventure began.

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